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Lisa Ashton Produces Record-Breaking Performance

The recent PDC UK Open saw Lisa Ashton produce a record-breaking 100.3 average in her 6-2 victory over Aaron Beeney in the second round.

The PDC confirmed the feat by way of a tweet, recognising Ashton's performance was a new World Record for the highest televised average by a female player.

For Ashton personally, the win was also a significant milestone, as, despite winning on the ProTour, it was her first win in a televised PDC event.

Ashton reflected on her win, commenting she was 'pleased to get finally get over the winning line on TV' and felt she 'getting a bit of form back' following a difficult run in the first PDC Super Series.

The Lancashire Rose will be back in action at the second PDC Super Series, starting on 16th March.

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