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USSDA - North Carolina - South Carolina Challenge Cup

The North Carolina - South Carolina Ladies Challenge Cup - America’s Oldest Cup Series - Established 1981

The NC-SC Ladies Challenge Cup series is a celebration of the ladies dart community in the states know as “The Carolinas“. Now 41 years old, it is the longest known running Challenge Cup series in America.

In 1981, the Carolinas was a progressive area for steel tip darts and the cup series was started for Men and Ladies that year. While the Men’s Cup would fade away years later , the Ladies would continue on and on.

The first match was played between Charlotte, NC and Charleston, SC and both of these areas were “hotspots“ for the growing sport. Charleston won that first match and has gone on to win frequently in the Cup series. They are the most successful team in the series.

It wasn’t hard to find other local leagues throughout the two states and soon the series grew with over ten teams. The format is simple, if you hold the Cup the challenger comes to you. The host team always pulled together to bring food and munchies for everyone and helped to build the community aspect of these events. The loser of the match drops to the bottom of the rotation while the winner takes on the next challenger in line. The match consists of Singles and Doubles 501 and Cricket.

The series has produced some friendly rivalries and would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of many, many people. Teams captains, league officials, players and venue staffs all have combined through the years to keep this series active and growing, there are currently 14 teams in the rotation. The length of the series is a testament to the work of all those involved.

This series has endured quite a bit and the Covid pandemic has proved to be another obstacle to contend with, but the series continues, stronger than ever. Recently the two most successful teams squared off with Greenville, SC hosting the Charleston ladies. A fun day of competition darts and fellowship was had by all and in the end the Greenville ladies defended the Cup. The Greater Greenville Dart Girls are Sandy Hudson, Candra Archbold, Tia Rogers, Gin Carlton, Teresa Cepek, Nicole Roehr, Haley Rogers and Kay Hoover.

The next match in the series has been scheduled and for more information please visit:

Chuck Hudson, USSDA

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