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Mandy Solomons was a steadfast member of the England Women's squad throughout the 1990's, which saw her lift the WDF World Singles title in 1995, beating Francis Hoenselaar 4-3 in the final, as well as the pairs with Deta Hedman.

A four-time World Master, winning her titles between 1988 and 1997, Solomons was runner-up in the inaugural BDO Women's World Championship in 2001, losing to 10-time World Champion Trina Gulliver.

Solomons also won three successive Dutch Open titles between 1991 and 1993 and four BDO Gold Cup singles events.

A prolific player, she registered the first competitive nine-dart leg in 1995 at the qualifying rounds for the 1996 BDO World Championships, a feat which she had already achieved at superleague level. 

Admired amongst her peers as one of the most naturally gifted talents, Solomons has played over 100 games for London and is still active on the darts scene.

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